Foie Gras Action Alert

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July 27, 2012 by NorthernAnimalRights

It has come to the Northern Animal Rights campaign’s attention that Hotel Indigo is selling Foie Gras on its menu.

We are appalled by this disgusting dish being on the menu in Newcastle and we urge Hotel Indigo to remove it from there menu.

Contact Hotel indigo and politely ask them to remove this vile dish from the menu.

“Parfait of foie gras, raisin sec, en gelée Madeira £10.50”

Please ask them to stop Selling Foie Gras:

Tel: +44 (0)191 300 9222


Thank you,

Northern Animal Rights

thank you
Northern Animal Rights



Here is a sample email to send them  edit and reuse as you feel most appropiate


Dear Madam/Sir:I was very disappointed to find out that you are currently selling foie-gras and I respectfully ask that you remove it at once.

Foie-gras is the grossly enlarged liver of a duck or goose and is essentially a disease, marketed as a delicacy. Birds raised for this ‘gourmet’ cruelty are force-fed enormous quantities of food through a long metal pipe, three times a day. This process of deliberate and painful overfeeding continues for up to a month by which time the birds’ livers have swelled to ten times their normal size. Force feeding results in the premature deaths of around 1 million birds in France every year.

Foie-gras is not produced in Britain, as the Government has made it clear that its production would contravene existing animal welfare regulations, but sadly it is still perfectly legal to import it. Even the previous government minister responsible for animal welfare, Ben Bradshaw, encouraged a consumer boycott. Its production has been outlawed in Poland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Israel. Animal welfare group Viva! persuaded the state of California to pass legislation outlawing both the production and selling of foie-gras after recognising the barbaric methods employed in its production. After an appeal by Paul McCartney, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the ban into law, conceding that foie-gras production is unacceptably cruel. In recent years, supermarket chain Lidl removed foie-gras after Viva! contacted them and detailed the cruelty behind its production, with wholesalers Makro following suit. High-end retailers House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols have also banned foie-gras on ethical grounds.

Please follow their lead and terminate foie-gras from your Menu.

Yours faithfully


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