Hotel Indigo Protest report and Victory announcement

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August 6, 2012 by NorthernAnimalRights

Hotel Indigo REMOVES FOIE GRAS from their menu !!!
Well what a weekend Hotel indigo where to start.
We arrived at hotel indigo and were pounced on by the hotel indigo “Phoenix security firm” Security guards this kind of set the tone for the evening.
Hotel Indigo’s security pushed shoved and obstructed us as best as they could the amount of aggression and violence they offered was truly sickening. They attacked a woman protester using a neck grab they tried to head-butt another and they continued to push and shove us off the street into a busy road.
Then in march the plod 1.2.3.
2 Police officers turned up to see what was going on then the over kill came 7 Other officers turned up
A Chief turned up and then another inspector turned up then it just got silly. Hotel indigo’s Management tried to negotiate with us but refused to send anything in writing to us saying they were going to remove foie gras from the menu so we refused to take this as real as foie gras sellers often lie.
We carried on the demo for another 30 mins then headed home.
We have received it in writing from management at Hotel Indigo that they have removed Foie Gras – so we wonHotel indigo have removed Foie Gras from the menu!


Yes I can confirm that we have removed it from our menu a of tonight.

Laura Farrell | Reservations Manager
Hotel Indigo Newcastle and Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar and Grill
2/8 Fenkle Street, Newcastle City Centre, NE1 5XU
Tel: 0191 300 9222 | Fax: 0191 300 9333

Protect the environment and save a tree…please don’t print this email unless it is absolutely necessary!

Please click here for an important electronic communication disclaimer.”

Thanks to everyone who phoned, emailed and took part in the demonstration.


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