Foot Anstey solicitors “DONT BLAME US”

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September 5, 2012 by NorthernAnimalRights

Foot Anstey solicitors have cost us our website  we managed to get it back on provided we don’t name certain farmers who were involved with the cull

In an email Received 4th September 2012 to
foot anstey play down there role in our website removal and go further to state the NFU Want to debate  this is clearly untrue

Foot Ansey’s Letter

Dear SirsWe act for the National Farmers Union (the “NFU”).  We have seen your post of 2 September “Silence Now No Abusing the culler’s”In that post you criticise the NFU and our firm for attacking your right to free speech.  The post also suggests that your entire blog site has been affected.  We thought it was important that we contact you to clarify what we did and did not ask WordPress to do. We wrote to WordPress asking them to remove the specific post which published contact information for individual NFU members.   WordPress told us that they would contact you about the post, and we have heard no further from them.  

This is not a question of any attack on free speech.  In any case the right to freedom of speech under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights is balanced against competing rights including the Article 8 right to privacy.  Asking that a post be removed which publishes the mobile phone numbers, email addresses and home phone numbers of private individuals is an example of that balancing exercise.  In any case, it is our clear view that the publication of personal contact information is a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, and as such unlawful. 

To be absolutely clear, we did not ask Wordpress to take down or suspend your entire site.  The NFU’s stance is, and always has been, that it acknowledges legitimate debate about the cull: this is after all an important issue for a large section of the community.

Yours faithfully

Foot Anstey LLP

Our reaction to this is as follows

Foot Anstey  you represent the national farmers union and you contacted wordpress telling them to take down the content

you have been observing our page now for several days to make sure we dont put it up again

Foot Anstey ARE to blame for the suspension of our website and are now squirming that we bring bad publicity on there heads


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