Foie Gras Victory

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October 17, 2012 by NorthernAnimalRights

Northern Animal Rights Campaign has today been victorious in the removal of Foie Gras at Horton Hotel in Ponteland
The campaign set up a facebook page at 6pm on the 17th October 2012 and by 11pm hotel management sent us the following letter.

Dear Sir.
I can confirm the one dish we were set to serve Foie Gras with in our Festive Menu will now not be served and an alternative dish will replace this for that evening.
We will also no longer be using Foie Gras in ANY of its dishes at Horton Grange.
If you have any further concerns please contact me.
Alistair Mathieson
General Manager
Horton Grange.
We thank the hotel for taking this decision and we say to them warmly Thank you.
Thank you to ALL those who took part in our Facebook event
One More foie gras free Restaurant in tyneside 🙂
Northern Animal Rights

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